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Almond Mylk

Pure Anthem


(Makes 4 cups)

She sees that her trading is profitable,
and her lamp does not go out at night. (Proverbs 31:18 NIV)

My fresh Almond Mylk is a joy to make just as much as drinking it! This recipe does require an Omega VERT Juicer! I do suggest if you do not own one of these juicers, you should! 
My family and I have gone through many different juicers and have come to the conclusion that this juicer is the best! 
The difference in this juicer among other juicers is that it presses the juice out of the fruit instead of a high speed blade. This press is what allows the ability to make creamy, fresh, white almond mylk!

1 cup of raw almonds (soaked in water overnight)
3 cups of water
1 ladle or spoon 
1 Omega VERT Juicer

-Pour the raw almonds in a large bowl and cover in water right before you go to sleep.
-The next morning, drain the excess water from the almond in a strainer. Rinse the almonds with water and then pour them back into a big bowl. Add the 3 cups of water to the bowl with the almonds.
-Turn on your Omega VERT Juicer. Scoop your ladle in the almond water mixture, making sure there is a even amount of water and almonds in every scoop. Then pour the mixture into the juicer and continue the process! 
-Enjoy your beautiful pure, fresh, white mylk straight from your juicer! It will last 4-5 days!