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Gas Station Sambal

Pure Anthem

Serves 4

Gas Station Hot Sauce is a very special hot sauce. I was first introduced to the very unique blend when Iih (our aunt) took our family to this special gas station in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota that had a Chinese restaurant on the inside!

Like most of you probably would be, I was extremely aprehensive! Gas station + Chinese restaurant does not usually equal appetizing but oh we're we surprised!!

This place has THE BEST fried rice I have ever tasted! And I am a strict critic when it comes to fried rice because I like mine a certain crispness that not many people can get it too. Anyways this post is most certainly not about the rice because I have not figured out their secret for that rice yet. 

BUT along with the rice this Chinese place served a very special hot sauce on the side of the fried rice. The first time I tried it was one of the biggest parties in my mouth ever! The crunchiness from the fried rice was already exhilarating but then the hot sauce taste was spicy but also so sweet! I was hooked and fascinated!

I walked up to the kitchen right away with wide eyes and asked the sweet Chinese lady chef, "How did you make this?!"

She smiled sweetly and said, "It's a family recipe."

Then I asked again while I was about to burst, "Can you tell me?!"

She whispered..."ketchup."

-1/4 cup Sambal Olek
-1/4 cup Organic Ketchup

-Mix well and Enjoy!

P.S- This was the FIRST hot sauce Shannon EVER asked me to make for her. She usually doesn't care for spicy but said that she LOVES this recipe! It made me so happy!!!!