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Goodmorning Smoothie

Pure Anthem

(serves 1 big glass)

My "Good Morning Smoothie" is my excitement in the morning!  Oh, I just love how still and peaceful mornings are while walking around the cold tile floor in the kitchen with bare feet while embracing the morning sun is just breathtaking!  Then after this moment of peacefulness passes by I crank up the juicer and blender and make my "Good Morning Smoothie" as the phones start ringing, doors opening and closing....and guitars and drums begin to be practice and tuned.

My "Good Morning Smoothie" is like most of my recipes...a "whatever-you-have-in-the-kitchen" recipe!  I throw in basically every fruit and green vegetable we have and make it in this smoothie!  It's just what your body needs after a long nights rest!  My special ingredient to this smoothie is the oats!  I just love oats in smoothies!  I love crunchy textures and the oats really add a wonderful soft crunch to a smoothie!  Try it!

-1 Orange, peeled
-1 Red Delicious Apple
-1 Granny Smith Apple
-1/2 inch slice Pineapple
-2 stocks Celery
-1/2 Cucumber
-3 Kale Leaves 
-1/2 Lemon (or Lime) 
-1 Banana
-1/4 Avocado
-2 tablespoons Old Fashioned Oats

-Juice all of the ingredients in your juicer EXCEPT the banana, avocado, and oats!  TIP: Add the lemon or lime last because it helps clean up your juicer!  Especially when you have been juicing vibrant colors, such as, beets or carrots.  The citrus really helps it from staining the blender!

-Once freshly squeezed...add banana and avocado to your blender!  Then pour fresh juice over the banana and avocado!  Add oats and blend!!!

**I also add a tablespoon of Dr. Schulze's SUPERFOOD PLUS Powder!  Which is the absolute best whole food, herbal, vitamin, and mineral product!  I suggest you check out his products!  For more information, go to!  You will not be disappointed!