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Indonesian Style Tofu

Pure Anthem

(Makes 4 serving)

My husband is from the country of Indonesia!  Since the first day we were married he began teaching me his Asian food ways of life!  Immediately I fell in love with the Indonesian foods that have such delicate delicious details of kecap manis, curry, and satay! 

During my first trip to Indonesia a couple years ago, I immediately savored each bit of the Indonesian Tofu that was so goldenly crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside!  I pranced around our families kitchen while I was in Indonesia and learned a whole new life of cooking!  I was inspired, extravagantly!

I am dedicating this Indonesian Style Tofu to all the chiefs and staff at our families house in Indonesia at THE STONE CAFE!  Our families house in Indonesia happens to be a restaurant also (what a blissful home) and I suggest to any of you who may be traveling to Indonesia....THIS IS A MUST TASTE restaurant!  It is called THE STONE CAFE and is located in Bandung, Indonesia!  Maybe we will see each other there one day...because I am usually the only blonde haired girl waiting on tables!

-3 tablespoons organic coconut oil
-1 container ORGANIC, NON GMO Extra Firm Tofu
-6 tablespoons BRAGGS Amino Liquid Soy Sauce

-Place your oil in a non-stick skillet and heat it up to medium-high heat (300-350 degrees F).

-Cut the tofu into your favorite shape!  Traditionally, Indonesians cut tofu in triangles!  I do the traditional shapes sometimes, but I also cut them into squares too.  Big squares, medium squares, small squares!  Whatever you think looks best! 

-Once your tofu is cut, then you may dip your tofu in soy sauce, or your favorite marinade for tofu!  My family likes the simple BRAGGS Amino Liquid, it adds the perfect crunchy flavor to devour your fried tofu!

-After you dip your piece of tofu in the soy sauce, you may then place it in your hot coconut oil!  Repeat the process until all of your tofu is sliced, dipped, dropped, and fried!!!  Enjoy!!