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Introducing Pure Anthem!

Pure Anthem


Hello Everyone!

Today is the day I want to share with each of you the beautiful season of change that has been happening in my life this past year!

First, you probably can see, that WITHBRITT has officially changed its name to...."PURE ANTHEM".  The reason for this upscale name change is because of this gorgeous lady you see with me in the picture above!  My new SISTER-IN-LAW, Shannon!  Shan and my brother-in-law, Ben got married January 12, 2013!

Since their marriage, Shan immediately wanted to jump in the kitchen with me and start creating, stir-frying, washing, and blending!! =)  We chatted about the WITHBRITT blog...and I pretty much told her.."I am not in the kitchen by myself anymore, so I think you should join me on the blog too!"  Thankfully, she willingly and excitingly agreed! 

Since then we have teamed up on a number of different tasks in our life.  Traveling with our husbands doing music ministry full time (their band is called BREAD OF STONE), managing and designing our band merchandise, making INDAH Jewelry, & cooking and documenting our kitchen adventures on PURE ANTHEM.

We thought for quite a few months on what we would change the blog name to be.  We prayed and asked the Lord what He would want it to become and the Lord spoke the word "anthem" to my heart, and "pure" to Shannon's at exactly the same moment.  With wide eyes we put the two words together and got.."PURE ANTHEM".

We believe PURE ANTHEM describes everything about this health adventure we are on with Jesus.  We desperately want everything that we do to be the ANTHEM of what the Lord is doing inside of us. No matter if it's cutting veggies, juicing fruit, washing dishes, running around venues with boxes of t-shirts, or just simply being wives.  We want this beautiful symphony of chaos to be our ANTHEM of love, and how we terribly want our hearts to stay PURE through it all.

We believe Jesus planted LIVING foods for us to eat, and we also believe He has stored everything our bodies need to survive and flourish within the fruits and vegetables!  So this is why on PURE ANTHEM you will find only plant-based, vegan recipes that will help you revitalize your soul, spirit, and body!

God bless y'all,

Brittney and Shannon