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Pear Chips

Pure Anthem

(makes about 4 full medium ziplock bags)

-Pears (about 10-20 pears depending how many trays your dehydrator has)
-1 Excalibur Dehydrator
-1 Mandolin Slicer

- Wash all the pears and then core each one.

-Then, with your mandolin, slice the pears into very thin slices and continue until your dehydrator trays are full!

-I dehydrate all of my foods on 104 degrees F.  At this temperature, the fruits and veggies do not loose barley any vitamins and nutrients!  You are dehydrating such a healthy snack without sacraficing such beautiful vitamin A, B C, D....and the letters go on and on!

-I usually dehydrate my pear chips for 24 hours.  Basically for the reason that my family likes them best with a crunchy, chewy texture!  I encourage you to play around with the time frame, obviously for personal preferences.

**If you are planning on storing these pear chips for long periods of time (like I do) I suggest that you do dehydrate for at least 24 hours because you want to make sure every ounce of moisture is out of the pears before sealing in a zip lock bag!  This can give you the confidence that you will open into a luscious bag of pear chips every time!

Enjoy!!!  These are one of my favorite snacks!