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Pure Journeys | Indonesia 2013

Pure Anthem

 Our family enjoying a Indonesian hut outside of the Floating Market in Lembang, Indonesia!

Our family enjoying a Indonesian hut outside of the Floating Market in Lembang, Indonesia!

Below are pictures and stories of our recent travels to Indonesia! Indonesia has been a place of growth for me in tremendous ways. Not only do I learn more about cooking by sneaking into all of the Indonesian kitchens, but also learning what it means to "cook with feeling". Cooking has a tremendous connection with the passion and desire that is placed in our hearts, and the food prepared reflects that.

Our family, along with Bread of Stone, has a ministry in Indonesia called THE LIGHT PROJECT. We have wrote many stories documenting our ministry adventures in Indonesia on (our ministry blog). 

Today, I am excited to share with you a taste of our food journey's while in Indonesia! My whole life I have enjoyed eating food! I have always gotten so excited about each meal and about snacks! Well, after marrying into this Indonesian family, my love for food and eating has excelled intensely! Indonesians ARE ALL ABOUT FOOD! Everywhere we go...we eat! 

 Shan and I posing with a traditional Indonesian dessert called, MARTABAK!

Shan and I posing with a traditional Indonesian dessert called, MARTABAK!

Above, Shan and I along with our BIG family visited this place called, "THE FLOATING MARKET". Everyone making and selling food in this market are floating in a boat while they are cooking! How extravagant is that? We tried about every food available but the one we are holding is called, "MARTABAK MANIS". Which is loosely translated as a "Sweet Pancake"! Traditionally this is NOT a plant-based vegan dessert but we always like to try the original recipe before we start conjuring up ideas for a VEGAN version of the food!

 Enjoying some refreshing coconut water at the Floating Market.

Enjoying some refreshing coconut water at the Floating Market.

Here, after snacking away at the THE FLOATING MARKET, we found a nice man selling fresh coconuts, and we GOT SOME! In Indonesia there are coconut trees EVERYWHERE which means coconuts are for sell EVERYWHERE and this makes me smile! As many of you know, coconut water and coconut meat have endless hydrating and digestive benefits! We enjoy them so much while in Indonesia!

Pure Bread

Oh my goodness! What a special bakery this is! While in Indonesia we visited Salatiga, Indonesia where our husbands dad went to school. While he was showing us around the city, he took us by this bakery that his mom (OMA) loved to snack at while in Salatiga! Oma always ordered a specific kind of bread from this bakery and we were so excited to get to try it! Indonesia is famous for their bread! It's not known for being healthy but I think Shannon and I can come up with a healthy version of "Oma's Roti". =)

 Eating a scrumpcious traditional Indonesian dish.  

Eating a scrumpcious traditional Indonesian dish.  

Here we are simply having a fun lunch while getting ready for a afternoon of visiting many churches in the mountain villages of Indonesia! This day we are having a plant-based, traditional Indonesian meal consisting of tempe, steamed veggies, peanut sauce, and red rice! And of course the star of the picture, Miss. Magda, she enjoyed keeping eating time super entertaining for us!

Pure Pineapple

This is a pineapple growing wild outside of one of the churches we visited while up in the mountains! We just thought it was positively beautiful and exotic!

Pure Mi

In this picture you can see a man sitting beside some type of contraption. Well this is actually the mechanism of how many Indonesian people sell their food. They carry it on a piece of wood. They distribute the weight on either side dividing up the cooker, skillet, veggies, utensils and balance it on the piece of wood! Our Aunt Elizabeth (who we stay with while in Indonesia) wanted us to try this guys "Mi Goreng" or "fried noodles". This is a staple and extravagantly traditional dish in Indonesia. He typically sets up on the main street of the town but this night he agreed to come park in our garage and feed the whole family supper! I enjoyed watching his techniques and was specifically impressed with his ability to chop veggies WITHOUT looking! HE EVEN AGREED TO MAKE US ALL VEGGIE NOODLES with NO MSG! He was so corporative and our tummies were sooooo thankful! 

Above, Shannon and I are drinking our most FAVORITE INDONESIAN beverage while enjoying the sunset from THE STONE CAFE (our families restaurant)!  It's called, "Jus Alpukat" (avocado and chocolate shake)! We already have a recipe in the making for this one and it will be posted...eventually! =)

Pure Food Photo
Pure B
Pure S

Okay, so in all of our years of cooking, eating, and enjoying food; we never thought we would be modeling with food! Ever! Once we arrived in Indonesia, one of the first events we had on the calendar was a photo shoot for THE STONE CAFE's new menu! We were shocked and excited! The funny part is we were late for the photo shoot because we were out exploring and lost track of time! We had a total of 15 minutes to get ready, an audience of people watching, and almost drank and ate most of the food before the pictures were done...and we enjoyed every minute of it! | |