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Sickly Sensation Juice

Pure Anthem

Serving: 1 glass

The Sickly Sensation Juice is a more creative name for the traditional Apple, Carrot, Ginger juice!  I call it the "Sickly Sensation Juice" because this is the best juice to drink when you are feeling under the weather! This juice will boost your immune system to help fight whatever your body is at war with!  Enjoy!

1 Jucier
2 Apples
2 Carrots
1' slice Ginger Root
1' slice Lemon

1.) Juice the apples, carrots, and ginger root.  I suggest putting the ginger root in between juicing the apples and carrots so it mixes well!  Then add the lemon very last, because the lemon will help keep your juicer nice and clean! =)

2.) Pour and enjoy!  This is one of my favored recipes and one I use almost on a daily basis!  Below you can see how serious our family gets with this recipe, our Vitamin D content is flourishing thanks to this great deal on juicing carrots that my brother found at Kroger when we were in Franklin, Tennessee! =)