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Vegan Spicy Mayo

Pure Anthem

Serves 6
Japanese American

Who doesn't love the creamy orange sauce that comes on top of about every piece of sushi made in America? We do!! I use to call the waitress over and ask, "can we have more of this sauce?":)

Well that was the past...when I came to the realization the creamy texture was from mayonaise I sadly bowed out and waved goodbye to those creamy sushi days. Normal mayo is made out of eggs for one and then has dozens of synthetic oils and preservatives. Not a beauty food, my friends! Stay away from it if possible!

Well, after years of not having the spicy mayo sauce at the Asian mom brought home this VEGAN mayo! I wasn't sure about it at first but then I read the ingredients and it was a breath of fresh air! 

So here you go for all my spicy mayo lovers, like myself and my family! This one is for you!

3 tablespoons Veganaise Mayo
3 tablespoons Siracha Hot Chili Sauce

-Stir and Enjoy!