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Raw Oats a la Mikha

Pure Anthem


Serves 2

This past January we ventured out to the East Coast for a run of shows! We are so blessed to have friends across the globe, but it is extra special when we can pass through areas where our families live!  After finishing a weekend in New Jersey, we were able to make our way through New York City to visit our cousin Mikha.

There is something in the spirits of our Indonesian family members that makes them amazing hosts! They prepare for days even weeks to welcome you and give you the best experience possible. Mikha is one of them.  While we were in New York she made us raw oatmeal, fresh juices, chia seed pudding, hot tea, and found all sorts of snacks and foods that made our tastebuds dance! We have a few recipes to share from our trip to NYC, and Raw Oats a la Mikha is our first stop on the train to your belly ;)


1 Cup - Steel Cut Oats

2/3 Cup - Cashew Cream

3 Tbsp - Coconut Cream

4 Tbsp - Coconut Water

4 Tbsp - Coconut Sugar

4Tbsp - Coconut Shreds

3 Tbsp - Vanilla

Sea Salt to taste

1. Soak your oats and cashews (separately) over night!

2. Make your cashew cream.

  • Rinse your cashews until the water becomes clear.
  • Put your cashews, coconut water, coconut cream, coconut sugar, coconut shreds, vanilla, and sea salt into a blender. We use a Vitamix and it works phenomenally! 
  • Blend until a smooth, adding water 1 tbsp at a time until you have reached your desired consistency.

3. Rinse your oats in a nut milk bag until the water is clear.

4. Add cashew cream to oats and mix. I started with 2/3 cup of cream and added a spoonful more at a time until I reached a consistency I liked.

5. Enjoy!