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Meet Us!

Meet Brittney!

If I had to choose a dish to describe Brittney Elizabeth Kristijanto it would be Vegan Mac and Cheese. Its saucy, savory, and bright with a soft side topped with a layer of crunch (she loves everything crispy)! This southern sister of mine is all of that and more! She will light up a room with her laugh and pearly white smile and aims to be a servant.

Her heart for the Lord is contagious and she takes it serious! When she believes something is from the Lord she goes all in 300%---and that is why her dedication to eating healthy captured me and changed my heart!

We are a match made in heaven---literally, we couldn’t have picked each other but the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he made us sisters. Most call us crazy (sometimes to our faces) and she was born to be the ring leader of our circus of a kitchen.  Her enthusiasm for the Lord, life, love, and food will convince you to eat even the craziest of “vegan master pieces” as she likes to call them.

Meet Sarah!

To describe Sarah there really aren’t any words in any language. She lives exuberantly through following the Holy Spirit that lives so extravagantly inside of her. She cooks from the very bottom of her heart and you can taste the difference in her spectacular food. Her recipes leave you filled and delighted. 

Her laugher and song that fills her soul will most definitely be felt by you, even through your computer screen.

I am pleased to introduce to you the newest member of Pure Anthem… Sarah Nicole Chandler.

Meet Shannon!

Shannon, my sister-in-love, is a feisty brunette, a lovely mother, priceless wife to Ben Kristijanto, and professional sister! She is a advocate for all things dark chocolate and carries a bowl full of sugar wherever she goes. 

Our husbands are brothers, and we all live together, along with our husbands bandmates from Bread of Stone. I look back on life with her these past three years and realize that her subtle extravagance changed my life. She has a fear of the Lord that makes her so incredibly brave and a quiet-quirky personality that keeps me on my toes.

I am blessed to her call her my sister, kitchen companion, dark chocolate extraordinaire, merchandise philosopher, shirt design phenomena, website enthusiast, sense of humor director, downward dog cheerleader, flamboyant radio associate, wardrobe functionalist, fellow wife of a musician/mechanic/producer/driver/minister/accountant/chief/food critic, and most of all Shannon Marta Kristijanto.