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Vegan Dolmeh

These tiny hands naturally joined in the picture! Israel always always always want to help. He will get his little hands into anything he can! Especially if he sees us doing it! I can tell he has seen us hold one too many plates like this for pictures! ;)
Click through to see how we roll the Dolmeh! Think mini chipotle burritos! ;)

You know how most of the time when you eat something in a restaurant you automatically assume you could never replicate the amazing flavor and aroma? The truth is, a lot of times recipes in restaurants are SO easy! But they use way more oil or salt or sugar than you should intake. This makes replication hard! We make things the healthiest and most delicious way we can. But every once in a while you come across a recipe at home that tastes BETTER than the restaurant and that is a recipe we cannot deny you!! 

I remember the day I saw grape leaves on the shelf in Hy-Vee. We wanted Tahini! But right next door was this glorious jar of grape leaves with a nice shiny sign exclaiming NEW! The rest was a blur. I showed up at home with the jar of grape leaves and no idea what I was going to do with it! I just knew somehow we had to try making the delicious Dolmeh we had in Pittsburgh the week before! Thankfully, my mother in law knew just what to do! (She had made Dolmeh with beef before) we adapted the recipe to this vegan perfection! And it is SO simple! You won't believe it. 

So without further ado: 

1 jar of grape leaves  

2 cups of rice

2 cups of cooked lentils

1 large onion

1 bunch of fresh cilantro

1 bunch of green onions

1/4 cup of dried parsley

1/4 cup of dried dill

1/4 cup of dried chives

1 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp pepper

2 tbsp turmeric


Lemon Juice Mixture:

2/3 cup lemon

4 tbsp sugar

2 cups of water

1/3 cup of grape seed oil


-Start by boiling your lentils! They do not need to be fully cooked, but almost!

-Chop your onion, green onions, and cilantro very small

-Sautèe the onions in coconut oil until golden brown

-Add the green onions, cilantro, all of the herbs, salt, pepper, and turmeric. Mix.

-Add rice and lentils

-Pour grape seed oil into the bottom of a large pot until it is covered and about 1/4 inch deep

-Lay one layer of grape leaves on the bottom

-Wrap the dolmeh by layering two leaves and putting one large spoonful of mixture in the middle (see slideshow for wrapping example) Think mini chipotle burrito!

-Layer the rolled dolmeh in the pot covering the bottom and then a second layer on top

-Pour the lemon juice mixture into the pot. It should almost cover the top layer but not completely so they do not unwrap

-Bring to a boil then turn the heat down and let simmer for 2-3 hours depending on how soft you want the leaves



"Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!" Psalm 34:8