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Vietamese Fresh Spring Rolls


I was introduced to Vietnamese food for the first time right after Bill and I were married six years ago, and let me tell you, flavor, and smells have never been the same for me! My favorite detail about the Vietnamese Cuisine is that they eat SO MUCH FRESH VEGGIES! Unlike the Chinese who steam EVERYTHING!! (They even steam cucumber, but please don't get me ranting about that detail). Once my husband ordered me my first fresh spring roll with the soft, spongy wrap, that had crunchy veggies and tofu on the inside just made me dance in every way...literally!

We began making these at home soon after my first introduction with them and they have been a serious GO TO meal in the Kristijanto household for a long time, and EVERYONE LOVES THEM! So this is how we do it! We prepare all the fresh veggies, mango, and avocado and place them on the table individually! We make this decadent Peanut Sauce and put that in a bowl on the table, and then we have the wraps! We place EVERYTHING on the table and everyone makes their own rolls! It is so much fun and not so time consuming.

Now, don't forget. These wraps have to be dipped in warm water before it will be flimsy enough to wrap the veggies and stuff in it- but no worries! Just put a deep plate of warm water on the table and everyone can dip their own and then you wrap it up!


·WHATEVER YOU HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE! This is one of the best forgiving recipes you will ever do!

·Below are just some suggestions to get you started, and then you get creative with your rolls!


·(2-3) Carrots, sliced thin

·(2) Cucumber, sliced thin

·(2) Avocado, sliced thin

·(2) Ripe mango, sliced thin

·(You decided) Rice noodles

· (2) Packs Organic Tempeh, sliced & pan fried (optional)

· (1) Pack of Organic Extra Firm Tofu, sliced & pan fried (optional)


·1/2 cup Peanut Butter (we make our own in our Vitamix)

·1 TBS Rice Vinegar

·2 TBS Lemon Juice, I usually add more but I am told that I'm excessive

·1/2 tsp Sambal Oleck (Chili Garlic Sauce)

·1/2 tsp fresh Ginger, grated

·Hot Water (to thin in out)

·1/2 tsp Amino Liquid

·3 TBS  Palm Sugar